Complete guide to all the different types of mouth piercings, lip piercings and tongue piercings

different mouth piercings and lip piercings

Tongue Piercing 

Traditional tongue piercings involve a single bar through the center of the tongue toward the tip. There are also different variations of this piecing, including traditional, web, snake eyes, venom, and double tongue.

Smiley Piercing 

A smiley piercing, aka frenulum piercing, is a type of lip piercing, except instead of going through the outer part of the lip, it goes through your frenulum, which is the small piece of connective skin between your upper lip and gum. It’s often done with a hoop or ring that hangs down and is visible when you smile (hence the name).

Snake-Bite Piercing 

Snake bites are a type of lip piercing. It involves two studs on either side of the bottom lip, which mimic the look of a snake bite.

Spider-Bite Piercing 

A spider-bite piercing is a lip piercing that involves two separate holes placed immediately next to each other to mimic the look of a spider bite. It can be done on the upper or lower lip.

Labret Piercing 

A labret piercing falls in the lip category. Its location is just below the bottom lip and usually involves a stud.

Dahlia Piercings 

A Dahlia piercing is two separate holes on either side of the mouth. Typically done with studs, the jewelry sits right at the corners of the mouth.

Medusa Piercing

A Medusa piercing is a lip piercing that involves a single stud through the upper lip right above your Cupid’s bow. It goes through the part of the lip that’s called the philtrum.

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